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Mike will be launching his newest book at Milford House this summer.  The exact date is yet to be determined, but keep an eye out for it in June or early July.

Primitive wilderness places today are more “visionary” than “actual”. The call of the loon is being muted by the industrial roar of “men who dig up and tear down and destroy.” Purveyors of destruction go about pillaging and plundering the land with seeming impunity and a methodical efficiency mastered from years of practice and the benefit of modern technology. Newspaper headlines bemoaning a myriad of environmental concerns and issues appear almost daily as beleaguered politicians and bureaucrats, entrusted to responsibly manage natural resources and safeguard the environment, are taken to task. The mantra remains predictably the same from both government and industry – well rehearsed scripts touting jobs won or the threat of jobs lost too often overriding responsible stewardship. All of which leaves one wondering if long term need will some day win out over short term greed and if common sense will ever prevail over dollars and cents?

     Nebooktook, which in the Mi’kmaw language means “in the woods”, is an eclectic mix of history, heritage, ideology, nostalgia, philosophy, poetry, and prose. Set in Nova Scotia, the more than three hundred early twentieth century images appearing here could just as easily have been taken in any number of wilderness areas stretching from the Adirondacks to the Rockies. The book’s message is equally timeless and universal, spanning centuries and drawing upon scores of voices from a variety of disciplines and professions. Nebooktook is meant to be reflective, introspective, meditative and thought-provoking, celebrating the traditions, natural beauty and intrinsic values of our woods and waters while decrying the calculated, self gratifying attitudes, doctrines, and practices that wantonly destroy and pollute the land, poison the water and foul the air in the name of progress and pursuit of the omnipotent dollar.

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