Mike Parker Book Launch

Mike Parker Book Launch

Posted by in Special Events | July 16, 2016
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Date(s) - 16/07/2016
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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On Saturday, July 16th Mike will be here launching his latest book, we will have some available for sale.

Nebooktook, which in the Mi’kmaw language means “in the woods”, is an eclectic mix of history, heritage, ideology, nostalgia, philosophy, poetry, and prose. Set in Nova Scotia, the more than three hundred early twentieth century images appearing here could just as easily have been taken in any number of wilderness areas stretching from the Adirondacks to the Rockies. The book’s message is equally timeless and universal, spanning centuries and drawing upon scores of voices from a variety of disciplines and professions. Nebooktook is meant to be reflective, introspective, meditative and thought-provoking, celebrating the traditions, natural beauty and intrinsic values of our woods and waters while decrying the calculated, self gratifying attitudes, doctrines, and practices that wantonly destroy and pollute the land, poison the water and foul the air in the name of progress and pursuit of the omnipotent dollar.

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