Just a sample of what people are saying about the legendary Milford House



For someone with a yen for quiet places, you couldn’t beat this area. Surrounded by lakes of different sizes, and orientation for winds, you can find a place to canoe from ice out to freeze up. Fishing for trout and smallmouth bass can be great as well. Lakes in the area are usually connected for extended travel and exploring, guides are available, and meals can be arranged through the great chefs at the lodge. All lakes and streams in Nova Scotia have public access, and topographical maps will point the wayfor anyone with a basic ability to read maps. Some fast water and whitewater is available on the Mersey and Medway rivers for the more adventurist.Cabins are comfortable, with firewood available for cool evenings. Just over 1/2 hour drive will take you to salt water, and nearby is the famous Keji National Park with another chain of rivers and lakes that could take days to explore. Secluded beaches can be your’s for the day. Want nothing to do?? Great place for that as wellLove the cabin, lots of dry wood for the fireplace and the water was still warm enough for swimming-bonus! Sure wish we were here at least two more days.There’s never enough time in this glorious setting!Why wait for heaven, just head south 20 minutes from Annapolis Royal.What a great week we had! Lots ofpaddling, swimming and reading. We will be back.

 Thank you for allowing us to fall in love here and let go. The magic and beauty of this mysterious place has certainly given me peace.


  • A beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the peace, with all the comforts of home.
    Two wonderful days of friends and fellowship at a beautiful place, wonderful memories! Can’t wait to come back next year.
  • Another great week at Milford, only had two days of rain, went swimming, hiking and trips to Annapolis Royal and Keji.
  • Our first time at Milford House. We heard great reviews and needed a stress free weekend. So nice not to have to do anything. The hiking trails were great, saw a beaver, ducks, squirrels and heard lots of birds. The view is tremendous! Here’s to the simplicity of life.. It truly is so peaceful and a nice retreat from work and the city.
  • Had a wonderful respite- with morning paddles on Boot Lake- afternoon hikes at Keji and evening delights at dessert.
  • Absolutely wonderful. This is the most relaxed I have felt in years. We will be back and will tell everyone we know about this place too.
  • A lovely, relaxing time was had. Sleeping in, strolling along the paths, a canoe around the point.. and even a dip in the water! We loved the smell of the woods.
  • Out seventeenth year here and it still meets every expectation. Good food, good times and good friends.
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay. A wonderful, peaceful, spiritual place.
    Enjoyed the weekend here on the occasion of our nephew’s wedding. A well kept secret is Milford House! Very quaint and relaxing.
  • Pure delight.. Welcome refuge from the elements. Most definitely a space to come and simply ponder. We’ll be back.
  • Had a beautiful time as we do every year. Weather was almost perfect and everything was fantastic as always!
  • Our first time to Milford House. Very quaint, very rustic, great food and perfect setting.
    Wow! I’ve been blown away. This place is magical, serene and peaceful. This will be our first of many visits. What a place to rejuvenate your spirit and soul.
  • We always love coming here to simply unplug and reconnect with each other, with nature and with our inner self.
  • All our plans for sight seeing were forgotten when we arrived at our cabin. The warm lake, cozy cabin and fabulous view conspired to keep us here swimming, canoeing and just “hanging out” on the verandah. This was a perfect getaway- totally restful and completely satisfying.
  • A beautiful, relaxing beginning to our Canadian vacation. Weather perfect; food delicious!
    Heaven on earth.
  • A wonderful restful week. Great to be back!
  • It’s our 22nd time here at Milford and first time in this cabin- it won’t be our last. Once again Milford House has worked its magic.
  • This has been a wonderful, relaxing time! No phones, peace and quiet, watching the stars come out at night. This is a special place.
  • 54 years since our first visit to Milford House and we’ve come almost every year since the 1950’s. For us it is beloved, magical. Two fabulous weeks in our “Peter Pan Hideaway”. September is the perfect time to be at Milford…
  • Milford House is our own spiritual home. It is a place where we are rejuvenated. We mentally come here all during the year as an escape. We will always return.
  • A truly magical, peaceful, soul restoring visit.
  • Our first visit, but definitely not our last! We came for the canoeing and were not disappointed. The bonus was this wonderful cabin, the helpful staff and trails. Listening to a loon, watching turtles and muskrat swim and seeing canoes drift by- a lovely lazy weekend.
  • Another wonderful Milford visit- but always feels much to short!
  • Cozy spot- beautiful surroundings! Had a really nice time! Lovely place.
    Very relaxing. Loved the atmosphere. A simple and charming get-a-way. Will be back!
  • This space is a special setting. A place where you can enjoy each other’s company, friendship and love.
  • We have enjoyed the peace and quiet, beautiful surroundings, great cabins and meals.
    We had a great time as usual. Great weather! Great swimming, great food! Can’t wait until next year.