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Discovering Paradise

Paradise By AccidentContributed by Geoff Lawlor Although in many ways, it feels like yesterday, it has been 47 years since I stumbled across a small piece of heaven known as Milford House. At the time, I had been camping at Kejimkujik National Park located in nearby...

“In 1943, I celebrated my first birthday at Milford House.” contributed by Elizabeth Sodero

At breakfast on July 18, 2018, Charlie and Val Richard, Milford House Managers, presented me with Charlie’s wood carving of the Milford House logo celebrating 75 years since my first birthday at Milford House. It was an unexpected treasure that will always occupy a...

The Memories of John and Jane Fertig

The Memories of John and Jane Fertig contributed by Jane Fertig How we heard about Milford House John’s godfather Harold Haff was an original shareholder and was very instrumental in Fred Geier’s vision and plan. He was in Milford House the year we were married, 1967,...

Forest Writing Productions by Angela McMullen

It can be said that the Legendary Milford House is the Centurial Gem of Nova Scotia.This distinguished resort is undoubtedly a step back in time to a gentler way of life.
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