Milford House: A National Treasure –
an Individual’s Paradise! John Hentz 1936 – 2018

John Hentz


Many Halifax Magazine readers have visited Milford House, locate halfway between Annapolis Royal and Kejimkujik on route 8. These

days Haligonians are the largest group of visitors and many will have met John Hentz, a long time driving force of this unique resort.

John first came to Milford House 82 years ago as a boy of six when his parents visited his grandfather. Dr. Fox, an avid fly fisherman and sportsman, had discovered Milford House in the 1920’s. John came regularly throughout his childhood and teenage years.

From 1966, he had been at Milford every year up to 2011 save one. For many of those years, John and his wife Dee would make two trips a year  

one in the early spring, for the fishing, and a second, longer trip that often-spanned July and August – and sometimes……..

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John Hentz 1936-2018